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World Scenario

With the rise in the population, the world poultry industry is witnessing growth per capita consumption of poultry is also increasing. Not only that, many countries which are not traditional poultry - growers are giving incentives to their poultry industry. Indian Government is promoting the industry - growers are giving incentives to small poultry farmers as well as poultry industry in organized sector as a whole. Indian exports 20 million ton of soya bean cake to Europe, which is the main ingredients of poultry feed.

World compound feed production is fast approaching an estimate 980 million metric ton annually. Global commercial feed production or sale of manufactured generates an estimated annual turnover of over us $460 billion. Commercial production or sale of manufactured feed products takes place in more then 130 countries are directly employs more than a quarter of million skilled, technician, managers an professionals.

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The top 10 feed producers in the world remained same: China United States, Brazil, Mexico, India, Spain, Russia, Japan, Germany and France. Some of the smaller countries saw significant jumps in productivity, including Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Poland, Romania and Morocco.