India‘s Best Broiler Feed Company

Our Journey

1st january 1990- The Beginning

Poultry farming training certificate

1990-2000 Growing Business

Starting a poultry feed and chicks business and becoming a no.1 trader in Bihar from 1990 to 2013 shows dedication and success in the industry. Farm was established in the year 2000 with 20,000 birds in Balwakuari.


2012 - Bird Farming

In 2012, a climate control shed was established in Didarganj, Patna. Climate control sheds are designed to regulate temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors to create optimal conditions for the well-being and productivity of poultry.

2013 - Manufacturing Unit

In 2013, M/s Henraajh Feeds India Pvt. Ltd. proposed to establish a poultry feed unit at Plot No. S-1, S-2, S-3, S-9, S-10 & S-11, Industrial Area, Fatuha, Patna (Bihar). The company acquired the mentioned area on a leasehold basis from BIADA (Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority).


Year 2016 - Manufacturing Unit Start

On May 23, 2016, Production of Poultry Feed Brand "King Star Super Premium" and "Gold King Premium Quality" started in the Industrial Area of Fatuha, Patna.

Year 2018 - Climate Control Shed

In the year 2018, our business continued to experience growth with the establishment of a new poultry farm in Karataha, Lalaganj, Hajipur, with a capacity to house 130,000 birds.


Year 2023 - Present Turnover

Company, along with its Proprietorship Firm, has achieved a turnover of 150 crore to 200 crore.

Future Plan - Growing Business

Expanding into a breeding hatchery and establishing a frozen chicken unit are exciting future plans for our company. These initiatives can provide opportunities for growth, diversification, and potentially increased revenue.